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Craik Community Composting Project

The CCC Project ran for over 5 years, diverting an estimated 50 tonnes of organic waste from being trucked to the Regina Landfill. In March 2016, the CCC Project was closed due to repeated improper use of the main collection bins. Thank you to the partners listed below for their support, as well as the many residents who made participated in this initiative.


The goal of the project is to divert as much waste away from the landfill as possible by composting the organic waste. As part of the funding from EcoAction, there was one Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day that was held on June 23, 2010 and on E-waste and paint collection event that was held on Sept 21, 2010.

The Project:

Organic waste will be collected and composted. Collection occures at 2 central bins, located by the Town of Craik maintenance building, across from the recycle bins. Residents of Craik will be supplied with pails that they can collect their organic waste in, and then drop it off in the bin at their convenience.

When the project was initiated, residents were instructed to call Crystal to receive a free pail, 12 compostable bag liners and instructions on what can and cannot be composted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): (questions will be added as they come up)

What will and will not be accepted at the bins? Here is a list of acceptable items (pdf).

Are compostable bags required? Yes, please use compostable bags. Plastic bags are not accepted. For information on the Biosak compostable, here is a pdf that explains the proper use of these bags.

What happens to the finished compost? The finished compost will be donated by Titan back the the project, and will first be used on community green spaces. These greenspaces include the lawn at the community greenhouse, the greenhouse, the lawn of the legion hall, the flower bed (green space) at the end of 3rd street, the flower pots on 3rd street. Once these are done, we will offer compost back to community members. As of Sept 30, 2010 compost is available. Contact Crystal to receive a pail of compost.

How much do the compostable bags cost? $2 for 10 bags. The bags will be available to purchase at the Town Office. If you would rather wash the pail out, that is fine too.

Are bones accepted? Yes, all food items are accepted.

Can I bring yard waste like leaves and grass clippings? Yes you can! Starting in July 2010, all yard and garden waste, including leaves, grass clippings, potato leaves, corn stalks, rhubarb leaves, etc. Please use the marked bin for yard waste, and the other one for kitchen waste. Also please remember to avoid using plastic bags - just dump it into the bin.

I see the Waste Management truck coming and taking the waste away...aren't they just taking it to the landfill? No, they are taking it to the north Titan site, where it will stay until Titan is ready to put it through the screw-press and turning it into compost.

How much waste has been collected so far? To date (up to June 30, 2011), almost 10 000 kg of organic material has been diverted from the landfill! Congratulations, Craik.

Funding and partners:

EcoAction - Funding for this project is from Environment Canada, through the EcoAction community funding program. Most of the expences for this project are for project co-ordinators to coordinate the project, measure its success and to make recomendations for continuing this project on a long term basis.

Titan Clean Energy Projects - Titan composts the communities green waste using a high pressure screw press, and returning the finished compost to the project to be used in community green spaces.

Town of Craik - The Town of Craik is supporting this project by supplying space for a demonstration plot for organic lawn care (at the community greenhouse site). The Town supplied space in their maintenance building for project coordinators to paint the composting pails, facilities for the HHWcollection day and e-waste/paint collection day.

Palliser Regional Library (Craik branch) - The Palliser regional library is supplying office space for the duration of the project for the two project coordinators.

Waste Management - Waste Management is supplying the central bin for the project. Waste management will also be transferring the bin contents to the Titan site.

CSLP - Besides supplying website promotion of the project, the CSLP members supplies important moral support and encouragement. The CSLP is the supporting organization for the project.

Craik 4-H Sustainability Club - As part of this 4-H club, members will be doing volunteering to work on the community green spaces using the finished compost.

Naomi Hunter - Naomi has volunteered to do the home pick-up of organic waste for the duration of the project.

Crystal Stinson - Crystal is co-ordinating the project.


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