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Situated on the Arm River Valley and overlooking the Lake lies one of Saskatchewan's most picturesque 9 hole golf courses. The course features peninsula greens and challenging hills and valleys. Forgot your clubs? Power carts, clubs and pull carts are all available for rent from our Pro Shop. 
This just goes to prove that in life,  there are always hidden gems to find. Go on a wilderness adventure using your GPS as Craik is hosts one of over 2 million geocache locations found world wide. If you are unfamilar with this high tech game of hide and seek or would like the co-ordinates of Craik's geocache, find out more on
Experience the beauty of the Saskatchewan prairies hiking along one of several trails leading between the Eco-Centre and Regional Park.

Learn about more than 100 species of plants as you walk along the paths of the Botanical Gardens (see more below). Cross over the dam and spill way or stick to the low ground and walk through the valley across the bridge. Climb the hills and experience what pioneer life was like in a dugout house, learn about early 20th century horse carts and see what the highways used to look like on the original wagon trails (still visable today).

Self interpretive signs help guide you and don't forget to bring your smart phone. QR codes are available on each site destination for additional historical photos, information and videos only available by scanning the code while you are there.
Hiking Trails (Three Rivers Trail Association)
Enjoy the best of both worlds. Settle into nature while still having all the amenities. Craik Regional Park boasts both full hookup and non powered sites with full shower and washroom facilities. Take a dip in the pool, grab a snack at the shack, play a round of mini golf and let the kids unwind on the playground. Both the golf course and Solar Garden Restaurant are within walking distance so there is no need to drive if you are looking for a bit more to do.

When you are ready, launch the boat, drop a line and settle in watching the pelicans while waiting for your first bite. Casting from the dock or over the bridge can be equally successful. Craik offers a prestine environment as a hidden gem in the middle of the beautiful Saskatchewan prairies.

Find out more about Craik Regional Park:
Fishing / Camping / Boating / Swimming
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Located just East of the Eco-Centre are more than 125 species of plants in our  Botanical Xeric Garden. Learn about each plant as you walk the paths along the beautiful hillside which overlooks Arm Lake and the Regional Park.

The garden consists of grasses, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, vines, and trees. The garden is for demonstration and education in reclaiming soil and naturalization. The rich diversity of native and exotic plants are well suited to prairie conditions, and xeriscape (low water use).

Find out more about the Botanical Xeric Garden at:
Botanical Xeric Garden
Sacred Space
Located just East of the Eco-Centre is Multi-Faith Saskatchewan's - Sacred Space - Dedicated Site.

Enjoy a time of solitude, prayer, meditation or quiet reflection, or take time to learn more about other faiths and religious beliefs. Multi-Faith Saskatchewan is about looking for the common threads that bind us together in our spiritual walks.

Find out more about Multi-Faith Saskatchewan at: