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Health Subcommittee

The CSLP Health Committee is a subcommittee of the CSLP steering committee.  Meetings are open for anyone to attend, and are generally held the first Tuesday of the month, at various locations. Please contact the chairperson for the location.

The focus of the health committee is to promote healthy lifestyles in the community of Craik. Projects that we have been working on include:

Heart and Stroke Grant (updated March 2012) Details for this grant can be found here. lThis program aims to increase the physical fitness of the Craik and Area residents.

Family Fun Day

2012 - Photos of Family Fun Day from Feb 2012 can be found here.

2011 - Photos of Family Fun Day from Feb 2011 can be found here.

2010 - Thank you to everyone who came out for the Family Fun Day (over 40 people)! We had a great time doing physical activities such as walking, playing "pac-man tag" and smooshing outside. Indoors, we ran around inside a lycra tube, played island tag and enjoyed indoor smooshing. We had delicious, healthy cookies made by health committee member Shirley Eade, and organic, fair trade hot chocolate. Door prizes were given out during the event as well.

This event was funded by Moose Jaw South Central Drug Strategy and CSLP. We also kicked off a 7 day pedometer challenge, and hope to see how many steps these familes can do over the next week.

Enjoy a short slideshow of the Famiy Fun Day 2010 on Flickr.

The Pedometer Challenge: to encourage physical fitness

Anti-Idling – to designate areas in the town as no-idle zones

Cosmetic Pesticide Reduction – to reduce the use of cosmetic pesticides in the town of Craik

Healthy Gardening Articles – As part of a Eco-Action grant, several articles on Natural Gardening were written. The following are in pdf format: Dandelions: Invaders of the Garden, Wild Local Food, Sounds Crazy, How to Compost Outdoors the Easy Way, The Way of the Worm, Fertile Grounds, Reduce the Need to Weed, Greenhouses What are the Good For?, Control of Pesky Insects Using Earth-Friendly Methods, The Soil is Alive, and Using Compost in your Garden, Greenhouse, and Houseplants.


The Eat Local Events 2009 : Two events this fall were held to bring producers and consumers together to promote healthy, local eating. November 6 was an Eat Local Event, where producer booths were set up and a guest speaker, Tim Schultz from the Green Ranch spoke about local food. The community was invited to come out and meet local producers and have a free supper of soups and buns made with local ingredients. This event kicked off a week of eating locally for participants who chose to take the eat local challenge. The week conlcuded with a community Eat Local potluck.

Action Plan (pdf): a complete summary of the projects that this committee has been working on (October 2013)



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